Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy Conference

With great pleasure, we invite you to the Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy Conference, which will be held on September 20/21, 2019 at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria).

Theoretical and clinical knowledge on Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy has expanded rapidly during the past decades and it’s scientific basis is acknowledged by the International Psychoanalytical Association (COFAP) and many other research societies. Jill S. Scharff, M.D. and David Scharff M.D., from Georgetown University and the International Psychotherapy Institute in Washington (USA), both international experts, authors and most renowned clinicians and researchers in this field, will present current developments in Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy.

This conference is intended for international psychoanalysts and other practicing psychotherapists as well as candidates interested in current state-of-the-art treatment of couple and family interactions from a psychoanalytic stance.

Participants will experience in two conference days lectures on key elements of psychoanalytic and Object-Relations perspectives on couple and family interactions and discussions of clinical material including the opportunity to join two parallel group-supervisions of clinical cases.

Welcome in Vienna!